Shipping Policy

***Processing time

Your product will be produced right after your order is placed. Our warehouse is located on US, EU, China. Please allow 5 - 7 business days for processing time. You will receive the tracking number through your email or phone as soon as it available on our carrier system.


***Shipping Option

We have 2 shipping option for all orders:

- No rush ( 3 - 4 weeks exclude the processing time). For this option, we will pay the fee for you. 

- Express shipping ( 5 - 7 days exclude the processing time).  


***US Orders

The package is delivered to your door by USPS. You will get your packages in an average of 2 - 3 weeks (if you choose "No rush" option) or 10 - 15 days from shipment date (if you choose "Standard shipping" option). You will also receive notification and tracking information when your order has shipped.

You can choose "express shipping" option if you need fast delivery. The estimated delivery time for express shipping is about 5 - 7 days, we will ship your package with DHL express shipping service.


***International Orders 

We use EMS (for products from China) and USPS for products from the US. You will get your package in an average 3 - 4 weeks from our fulfillment center to your doorstep. You will also receive notification and tracking information when your order has shipped.


 ***Track your order:

You can track your order by DHL tracking page (for US orders) or TrackingMore Page (for International orders). If you choose Express Shipping for your delivery option, you can track your orders by using global DHL tracking page. You can also click Track order on our website. 


***Your tracking number doesn't work or update for a long time? 

Don't worry, your package is still within the carrier network and, unless otherwise noted, should be delivered on the scheduled delivery date. Shipment movement information is captured each time a tracking label is scanned in the delivery system. There may be several days between scans if the shipment is going cross-country or moving between countries or territories, so your tracking number still doesn't update. 


If it is over your estimated arrival date, please contact us, and we can take care of this for you. 

You have the right to request a refund if you do not receive the product within 30 days from the order date (for US orders) or 45 days from the date of your order (for international orders).

Shipments outside of the USA may incur customs fees depending on your country of residence. The fee may vary depending on your order value, country limits, and other factors.

The Gadgetvips.com DOES NOT take responsibility for possible fees.



Following these instructions enables you to get your package as quickly as possible if it's around.

  1. Verify the shipping address

    Check the shipping address in your order confirmation email/ shipping confirmation email

  1. Look for a notice of attempted delivery
  2. Look around the delivery location
  • Check around the entrances of your residence for the package: particularly on back porches, in bushes, garages, grills, or other places that might protect your package from theft or weather. Note that delivery drivers may also use plastic bags to protect your package from the weather.
  1. See if someone else accepted delivery
  • Check with any family members, roommates, or neighbors who may have received the package for you without your knowing.
  1. Speak with the specific postal carrier who delivers your mailas they do scan the package in order to mark it 'delivered'.
  2. Wait 36 hours - packages can show as delivered while still in transit.
  3. If your order is 7 dayspassed the expected delivery date but still don't have any information, then please contact us for a replacement.


If a package falls into this category, Gadgetvips reserves the right to send a replacement. Refunds or returns are only available for orders that have been successfully received. We are unable to provide refunds or replacements for missing packages where an incorrect shipping address was provided to us.